Monday, November 15, 2010

Mini thoughts

I guess I should write about my experience on Hawaii now that I am back. To me, this wasn't that much of an art internship for me as it was a life one. I learned so much about myself and it showed me a new perspective on life. I now have a different way of looking at life, what I do want and what I don't. I learned how precious the ocean is and how its a completely different WORLD down there, and I want to know more about it. I really liked living there because everyone appreciated life and nature and were super happy to just be living there.I met great people that I will continue to keep in contact with. I really didn't feel that I got the whole "Maui" experience -didnt have like much free time to do the things I needed /wanted to do-so I really want to go back and live MY life there for a bit.

I really didn't feel that I learned an immense amount about art, but I can say that I did learn a little. I do know how to digitize film (But thats really really not hard). I do know a little bit more on photoshop and how to print. I did learn more about my camera, and how to organize my photos.Michael Gilbert the professional photographer-being around him I learned more about artificial lighting than I had ever known. I did also learn to ALWAYS have a camera on you, because you never know what will come your way that you can capture!I learned that nothing is ever too big to ask for, when it comes to art, money , people... just ask because the worst they can say is no! I really learned to appreciate the natural beauty in every day life, which was really good when I came back to Ohio...... its NOTHING like Maui, but I can appreciate it for what it has.

I will say this- going into this whole thing, I wanted a completely new experience and I wanted to have fun. While it was a crazy ride... I totally got what I wanted!

Being out there has really changed things for me, and currently I am at the spot where I don't have any idea on what I want my next step to be!


I love these two fiber pieces.

These are called airplants-they grow without any soil!
This dog was all handmade, can you imagine the time!
We have a local artist decorate matchboxes.


Back from ohio- straight to work

I am back in Ohio. My family owns two stores- Shine and Nest. These stores are ran by my mother and two older brothers. When I come home I help as well, with buying and merchandising. The concept behind the store is mixing vintage with new stuff. So what we do is go around to old flee markets and antique stores,pick up mid-century items along with things we just find to be cool. We clean it, fix it up if needed than resell it! I think its pretty fun, just a TON of work because we are constantly getting new stuff in and having to re-merchandise the stores. I have really learned so much throughout the years of being in the business.

I am starting to learn so much from the 60/70's era when it comes to furniture. I am able to recognize designs by the big names like Herman Miller and Heywood Wakefield.

Also being able to looking at art in junk places and being able to see the beauty. We just found a piece for $250 and it was appraised at $12,000. Its really interesting on finding signed art and looking up who they were. I really have got an art education with just researching on my own.

I am lucky to have the opportunity to continue to buy and to merchandise, I have been doing it since I was 15. It really does have everything to do with art...being able to visually mix textures,colors and styles and still have the customers respond the feeling of the space is not an east thing!

Sugar Mill

As one of my last days approached, Tom took me to the sugar mill which he gets his metal that he makes sculptures with around the property. It was an honor to be able to go in there. It is the last sugar mill in Maui... there used to be around 6 or 7 ! It was really cool being able to go in and look at the process that it takes to make the sugar cane. It kinda makes me not want to eat it - look at how dirttyy the factory is!